Golfing Tips
Created on:
Monday, November 4, 2019

How to Pick the Right Club

If you’re new to golfing, you may not realize just how different each golf club is from the others. Whether you’ve got a full bag of 14 clubs or are using a smaller set of nine or ten, you’re not going to play your best game unless you’re using the right club for each shot. Your golf clubs are tools, and you always want to use the right tool for the job to make it easier. This guide will explain how to pick the right club for each shot and explain a little bit about the different clubs.

Two Factors to Consider: Distance and Club Range

When deciding which club you want to use for a shot, you first need to consider the distance to the green, the hole, or wherever you want the ball to land. The second thing to consider is the range of your club. This isn’t a set number, unfortunately. While some clubs are designed for longer shots than others, it also depends on how you hit the ball with that club. You may be able to send a ball flying 200 yards with one club, but another golfer using that same club may only get an average of 150 yards.

This means you’ll need to play for a while with your own clubs in order to get an idea of what your unique range with each club is. Once you have a feel for each club and an idea of what you can do with it, you’ll be able to determine which club is right for the shot. Most people head out to the driving range or other area and spend several hours hitting balls towards a specific target with each club. Take measurements of where each ball landed (not where it rolled—where it hit the ground) and then determine your average distance with each club. While you may need to refer to your notes during your first few games, you’ll later know the range of each of your clubs by heart.

You may need to re-evaluate your range as your golfing skill improves. The better you get at the game, the longer your range will be, so make sure you adjust your notes if it seems like you’re starting to miss more shots than you make.

Other Factors

There are other factors that will affect your golf game, though, and some of these factors need to be considered before you even set foot on the golf course. When you’re choosing your golf clubs, you want to look at five different factors. Each of these can change how the clubs feel in your hands and the distance you’re able to get from them.

The iron – A number of the clubs in your bag are called irons (five iron, nine iron, etc.). The iron is the weight that’s located in the head of the golf club. If you tend to hit your golf balls very precisely, you want a forged iron head. If, on the other hand, you tend to be a little more erratic, you’ll find that a cavity-backed clubhead is a better option and will give you more control.

The clubhead size – In addition to the weight of the clubhead, you also want to consider the size. Clubheads come in three sizes. While experienced golfers go with standard or midsize clubheads, beginners may want either midsize or oversized clubheads. Larger heads make it easier to hit the ball and tend to be more forgiving of misaligned shots.

The loft – The loft describes how much of an angle the clubhead has to it. The more angled the clubhead is, the higher the ball is likely to go. Professionals generally go with clubs that have a loft of ten or less, while those who play for fun may want to look for higher lofts. Your golf set will include three clubs that are called woods or drivers. These clubs are designed for hitting long shots and will likely have lofts of 15 to 22.

The shaft – There’s nothing too complicated about figuring out the right shaft length. If you’re a tall person, you need clubs with a longer shaft. If you’re on the shorter side, you want shorter clubs. The best way to determine the right shaft length for your set is to try out a few different lengths until you find the one that feels the most comfortable. You shouldn’t need to slouch over to hit the ball.

The grip – Finally, at the top of the club is the grip. A grip that’s too thin or too thick won’t fit your hand comfortably, and you won’t be able to make good shots. The ideal grip is one where you can just touch your thumb with your ring and middle finger. Again, the best way to find the right grip is to try out different clubs until you find the size that feels right to you.

By using these tips to select the right clubs and then learning your range to pick the right club for the distance, you’ll find that your golf game goes above and beyond what it once did.